Sweet Options (sweets are additions to food packages only & are not sold seperately, sorry)

Add a sweet treat to your food package. Our sweets come perfectly portioned in bite sized delights and are sure to impress.

If you have a celebration cake, staff can cut and serve this alongside desserts.


All prices are inclusive of GST

Petite Dessert Mixed Pack, 52 pieces, $55 ($1.05 ea)

Delightful matchbox sized treats Includes: 12 Choc Dipped Profiteroles, 16x Mini Vanilla Slice, 12x Vanilla Filled Profiteroles, 12x Banana Eclairs




High Tea Variety Pack, 42 pieces, $55 ($1.30ea)

These mini sweets are sure to impress! Includes: 11x Salted Caramel Profiteroles, 12x Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Bites, 10x Pink Icing Profiteroles, 9x Mini Custard Eclairs





Chocolate & Raspberry Lamington Bites, 48 pieces, $50 ($1.04ea)

A light fluffy sponge cake covered in a chocolate or raspberry icing and rolled in coconut (24 of each flavour)





Mini Eclairs, 60 pieces, $55 ($0.91 ea)

With Vanilla Cream filling




Vanilla Profiteroles, 68 pieces, $55 ($0.80 ea)

Light & fluffy with vanilla cream filling




Mini Vanilla Slice, 96 pieces, $85 ($0.88 ea)

With Vanilla Cream filling




Caramel Slice (gluten free *contains nuts) 60 pieces, $60 ($1.00 ea)

Smooth creamy caramel on a coconut and hazelnut meal base topped with chocolate and caramel ganache.

60 bite sized pieces.





Cherry Coconut Slice, 54 pieces, $60 ($1.11 ea)

A moreish blend of coconut and cherries on a chocolate coconut base topped with dark ganache and coconut.

54 bite sized serves.






Red Velvet Slice, 54 pieces, $66 ($1.22ea)

Luxurious Red Velvet base topped with creamy cold set cheesecake, crowned with red velvet crumble.

54 bite sized serves.




Jaffa Slice (gluten free *contains nuts), 54 pieces, $66 ($1.22ea)

A marbled flourless chocolate and moist poached orange cake made with almond meal and finished with ganache.

54 bite sized serves.




Mint Hedgehog Slice, 54 pieces, $66 ($1.22ea)

Minty hedgehog base topped with chocolate ganache finished with a swirl of minty ganache.

54 bite sized serves.



Sticky Date Puddings, Individual Serves, $5.00ea (minimum order of 24)

A moist golden pudding, warmed and topped with a generous dollop of divine caramel sauce and whipped cream


Buttermilk Scones, $3.00ea (minimum order of 30)

A traditional buttermilk scone, served with strawberry jam and freshly whipped cream

1 scone = 2 halves



Tray Cakes, (sliced to your requirements), 30-60 serves


Available in Chocolate, Banana or Orange (all frosted), $55 each (from $0.91ea)


Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, $60 (from $1.00ea)





Tea & Coffee setup, $50 (addition to catering packages only, not hired seperately)

Lipton Tea and premium freeze dried coffee, up to 100 disposable cups and spoons.

Hire period is 4 hours (run simultaneously to staffed package).

We can use your table or bring a trestle.

We will keep the urn, milk, tea & coffee topped up throughout the function.




All prices are inclusive of GST